Очиститель поверхности двигателя

Engine cleaner

Article: SQС-1802
  • Barcode: 4660002841047
  • Dimensions: 250 x 90 x 40 mm
  • Value: 500 ml
  • Weight: 522 g
  • Psc per carton
    • - master: 12 pcs.

A professional tool for cleaning the outer surface of the engine and engine compartment. Recommended for periodic cleaning of engines and pre-sale preparation of the car. A highly concentrated composition effectively dissolves and removes all types of soiling from the surface of engines, parts of car and other equipment. Improves heat transfer, eliminates the possibility of clogging of the open nodes of the carb or injector, to prevent contamination in the supply system, cooling and air cleaning. Prevents the harmful effects of corrosive compounds in the paint, plastic and rubber parts under bonnet, oxidation of electrical connections.

Ingredients: surfactants, additives, hydrocarbon fraction.

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