Windshield washer -20°C, -25°C

Windshield washer -20°C, -25°C

Article: SKP-1420
  • Barcode: 4660002844857
  • Dimensions: 140 х 175 х 245 mm
  • Value: 4l
  • Weight: 4kg

In the summer you can still keep the car Windows, using plain water. But with the onset of cold weather, and therefore low temperatures, the water quickly freezes, which can cause disabling the washer systems. Application nezamerzayki becomes a way out of this situation.

Besides being non-freezing windshield wiper effectively removes dirt from surfaces, it also struggles with education in the glass of ice, which impairs the driver overview, resulting in reduced safety on the road.

The antifreeze is a high quality product which perfectly removes dirt, while leaving the surface stains, iridescent film, plaque. She's not aggressive towards plastic, rubber, metal parts of the car.

The important qualities is its safety of the driver and passengers. All products that we sell wholesale and have the necessary certificates and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions.

Ingredients: water, propan-2-ol, surfactants, ethylene glycol (or ethane-1,2-diol), colorant, fragrance.

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