Чернитель шин

Tyre Polish

Article: SBP-0003
  • Barcode: 4610018341741
  • Dimensions: 190 х 60 х 60 mm
  • Value: 520 ml
  • Weight: 550 g
  • Psc per carton
    • - inner: 12 pcs.

Vehicle care vehicle Tire Polish refreshes and cleans rubber and plastic components of the car such as tyres, pads, moldings.
Created protective film has anti-static properties, protects from dust and UV radiation, cracking and fading.
Instantly gives the tyre impressive appearance, returning them to original color. Does not require rubbing. Does not leave streaks.
Method of application: the surface must be completely clean, dry and free of dust. Shake the can before use for 30 seconds. Spray evenly from a distance of 20-30 cm from the tyre, holding the cylinder vertically.

Composition: sweep solvent and silicone with the addition of special protective additives and ozone friendly hydrocarbon propellant.

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