Синтетический очиститель инжектора

Injector cleaner synthetic

Article: STA-1911
  • Barcode: 4660002842068
  • Dimensions: 160 х 80 х 65 mm
  • Value: 300 ml
  • Weight: 260 g
  • Psc per carton
    • - master: 20 pcs.

Fast restores injectors, cleans and lubricates the needle valve, greatly extend the service life. Effectively removes resinous varnish deposits in the fuel line. Restores the torch of fine-dispersed atomization of fuel, contributes to the normalization of the thermal mode of the engine. Safe for catalytic converters, oxygen sensors. Suitable for all grades of gasoline

Ingredients: petroleum distillate additive package of firm "BASF"

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