Microfiber products and sponges

Microfiber products and sponges

Microfibre high performance is the result of modern technologies, the recent thinnest fibre fabric development (9000 meters of fibre weight 150 grams). Every fibre, after specific treatment, splits into 12-16 wedged microfibers. 1 square centimeter of microfiber fabric is weaved from 14000 of fibres, each one is 100 times thinner than human hair. Such fabric allows removes dirt from surface several times more effective and safer compared with plain cloth.

These wedged microfibers define unique properties of MICROFIBRE SAPFIRE:

1. Wiping the surface, small solid dirt particles penetrate trought fabric that holds them, preventing scratches.

2. Wedged microfibers easily take in and hold oil and nicotinic film, microorganisms including allergenic one.

3. Absorbing great liquid volume (8 times bigger than its own weight) the cloth washes and dries perfectly. Wiped surface becomes perfectly clean, dry, shiny, streak- and lint-free.